Call 4 Action: family claims roof tear off led to roofing ripoff

Call 4 Action: family claims roof tear off led to roofing ripoff

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Prospective first time homebuyers, Valerie and Joseph Figueroa are renting to own their home on the West Side, so after making improvements inside the house, they wanted to replace their old worn out roof.

But those plans have been dealt a devastating setback, after home improvement contractors tore a large section of the Fugueroas’ roof off, and then walked away. Now, instead of a new roof, the Figueroas’ house is topped off with a big blue tarp.

Valerie Figueroa said it is to keep the rain out, “We are going to keep up the tarp for now, until we can see if we can get the money.” Money is in short supply for the Figueroas since they spent about $10,000 for their new roof, and have little to show for it.

The mother of three said it did rain before they covered the roof with the tarp, “It rained in three different spots in my house–made big pockets in the paint, like in brand new rooms where we just put brand new drywall, brand new paint.”

Valerie and Joseph hired Beemer Construction to completely replace their roof for $12,000, and they paid $6,000 up front, but after the contract was signed, a second contractor, from KTE Construction, actually showed up with a crew and a dumpster and started working on the roof.

Then the Figueroas found out, the contractors were not paying their bills, “Starting Saturday, I paid all the workers that were here, which were 6 or 7 of them, out of my pocket daily,” Valerie said, “I paid for this dumpster.”

A couple days later, Valerie said they got a message from the contractors, “They said they found a new job and that they should have told us from the get go that this job was too much for them, and that they can’t handle it, so basically they are quitting, and now I am out of $10,000.”

Buffalo attorney Peter Juliano is suing the contractors–Beemer Construction, which lists a Wilson address, and KTE Construction–in small claims court, because the Figueroas deserve better.

“They are the type of people that I believe is good for the City and is good for the West Side. We are doing everything that we can to assist them to get this rectified.”

News 4 reached out to KTE Construction, without success, and at Beemer Construction, a man named “Jason” answered the phone and said he didn’t have to talk to us, then promptly hung up.

If you live in Buffalo and are contemplating home improvements, keep in mind that companies doing business in the city are tightly regulated. They need licenses and permits, and in fact inspectors issued a “stop work” order for the Figueroas’ house because the contractors did not have a permit.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Call 4 Action: family claims roof tear off led to roofing ripoff

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