More K9 officers and handlers expected to be present for the holiday weekend

More K9 officers and handlers expected to be present for the holiday weekend

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — When the weather is nice, it’s common to see a lot of four-legged friends wandering the streets of the city. Some are doing more than exploring; they’re working.

“I originally thought I would just be walking a dog and the dog would be doing all of the work,” said Andre Taibbi, a NFTA officer. “I didn’t realize how much work is involved on my end.”

Taibbi and Holly, a black lab, have been partners for a year and a half, covering dozens of events and a lot more ground together.

“Every day we’re constantly searching just about everything.” said Taibbi. “People think we’re just out for a walk but we’re actually doing stuff. We do random sweeps of different things, checking garbage cans; looking for stuff laying around. I’ll take the dog by to check it out.”

The lab is specially trained to detect explosives.

“She won’t sit unless she detects an explosive odor,” explain Taibbi as he walks the dog.

Taibbi finds her vantage point beneficial.

“You have to trust them with everything,” said the veteran officer of his partner. “I believe it’s very important for what they do. There’s a lot behind the scenes.”

Aside from the visible difference where Taibbi’s partner has four legs, she also lives with him so there’s never a day off for the two; they’re constantly working together and finding new ways to keep the public safe.

“You get this bond with the dog and when you go out, you’re a team,” said the longtime officer. “You have to watch her as much as she’s watching you.”

Holly is Taibbi’s second K9 companion. His first one, Loko, was put down when he had cancer.

“It was one of the hardest things I had to do,” said Taibbi.

He says at first he kept comparing Holly to his old companion but soon realized they’re very different dogs with different styles. He says Holly has come into her own over the last year, revealing her social personality. And he says the more time they keep spending together, the more they’re learning about each other and becoming a better team.

“It’s so satisfying to watch everything you’ve done with the dog and go out and watch her work,” said Taibbi.


Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
More K9 officers and handlers expected to be present for the holiday weekend

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