AMD deal a big boost for GlobalFoundries

AMD deal a big boost for GlobalFoundries

MALTA — GlobalFoundries’ Fab 8 will supply Advanced Micro Devices with its leading-edge computer chips through at least the end of 2020, under an amended agreement announced by AMD Wednesday.

Fab 8 is producing processors at the 14-nanometer level, but expects a move to processors with transistors of 7 nanometers.

“The five-year amendment further strengthens our strategic manufacturing relationship with GlobalFoundries while providing AMD with increased flexibility to build our high-performance product roadmap with additional foundries in the 14 nanometer and 7 nanometer technology nodes,” said Lisa Su, AMD president and CEO.

“It means we’re a viable business,” Caulfield added when asked about the supply agreement’s impact on possible job growth.

[…] viable businesses get to play another day.
Source: Times Unition
AMD deal a big boost for GlobalFoundries

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