Jamestown football team wants to send a “super-fan” teammate to New Era Field

Jamestown football team wants to send a “super-fan” teammate to New Era Field

JAMESTOWN, N.Y. (WIVB) – Although the Bills didn’t win their Sunday game against the Patriots. One super-fan is keeping the spirit alive. James Hicks Junior  has been a die- hard football fan since age 2.

As a kid he got into a bad accident, and couldn’t play contact sports anymore, but he is still a big part of the Jamestown High School football team. His teammates call him their biggest cheerleader on and off the field.

Coaches and players alike say the same thing about Hicks: “he has spirit.” Now, they want to make his biggest dream come true, send him to new era field to meet the Buffalo Bills.

Tom Langworthy is the Head Football Coach. He said, “I know a lot of great Bills fans, but I think James is number one.”

James Hicks Junior said, “I love the Bills so much, I would die for them.”
Passionate words from a Jamestown High School Senior. He lives, breathes, and definitely dresses like a die-hard fan. Just ask his fellow teammates.

Junior Andrew Pumford said, “He would definitely fall into the category of a super-fan and just looks up to Tyrod and all the players.”
It hasn’t always been an easy road for Hicks. At nine years old, he was hit by a car crossing the street, leaving him with lifelong mental and physical injuries. Hicks said, “I thought i would not live at all when I got hit by a car, I got two concussions.”
That meant no more football.  He said, “I love football so much, football is my everything. I would do anything to play football again.”
But he’s still a crucial part of the Jamestown Raiders team. Often suiting up-sporting a bills jersey underneath his uniform.  “He’s definitely one of our sideline captains getting everyone pumped up the sideline getting everybody energetic,” said Pumford.

Junior Matt Hill said, “He’s just a big supporter he helps us out and gets us hyped it really helps.” So they want to thank him for being a part of their Raiders family.
Hicks Jr. said, “They’re my family, the players that I played with are like brothers and the coaches are like dads to me.”
So they wrote to One Bills Drive, asking them to invite him to a practice, or giving him a shout out as the dedicated fan that is.

Pumford said, “especially on the team were all looking out for each other so with James, we know we could do something that really might impact him.”
They say Hicks embodies what you look for in a teammate. Coach Langworthy said, “He’s just somebody that you want to be around he’s always looking to get better he makes you stop and put things into perspective about what coaching and playing and what life’s all about.”


Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Jamestown football team wants to send a “super-fan” teammate to New Era Field

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