New wrinkle in arson probe

New wrinkle in arson probe

A man charged with lying to a federal grand jury about the 2013 Schenectady blaze that claimed four lives and severely burned Sa’fyre Terry told police in 2014 he unwittingly served as the wheel man for suspected arsonists — a statement he now says was coerced.

First Assistant U.S. Attorney Grant Jaquith highlighted a police affidavit chronicling Ramsey’s statement at a hearing Monday to show he posed a danger to the community and should be kept in jail.

“When investigators show up on your door and tell you that you can help solve a terrible tragedy, what would any responsible citizen do?” Kindlon said.

Prosecutors dropped their case against Butler when evidence surfaced that strongly implicated Edward Leon, a Montgomery County man who had sent David Terry death threats and eventually admitted he drove to the scene of the crime.

Duell, now serving 11 years and three months for perjury, initially implicated Butler to police and the grand jury — then recanted, saying she was never at the scene.

On Monday, U.S. Magistrate Judge Christian Hummel did not find Ramsey to be a danger to the community, but he did agree with Jaquith’s argument that Ramsey, who works with race horses in Saratoga Springs and on Long Island, was a flight risk.

Jaquith, who is prosecuting the case with Assistant U.S. Attorney Wayne Myers, stressed that Ramsey gave completely opposite versions of events to different grand juries, which makes one of the versions necessarily false.
Source: Times Unition
New wrinkle in arson probe

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