Wheatfield students launch anti-bullying campaign

Wheatfield students launch anti-bullying campaign

WHEATFIELD, N.Y. (WIVB) — Stop bullying and speak out, that’s the message two fourth graders at Errick Road Elementary school are spreading.

“Me and Emma have been bullied a lot before and two years ago Emma got bullied and I stood up for her, ” said 9 year-old Elliana Shenefiel.

Nine year-old’s, Emma and Elliana are setting out to change the world. When the girls were just second graders, Emma was bullied for being different.

“I have three fingers, originally I had 7, that was the way I was born and many people bullied me that way because they didn’t think that was normal,” said 9 year-old, Emma Rows.

“It’s absolutely heartbreaking and you know your first reaction is you want to call that parent or you want to say something to that child, but it’s not going to help in the long run,” said Erica Rows, Emma’s mother.

Instead, both girls are taking that experience and turning it around. They started an anti-bullying campaign which sends a message of hope and kindness to anyone that’s been bullied.

“We don’t like it and we know other kids and parents wouldn’t like it either and we want a world with peace and love, not hatred,” said Emma.

The girls painted a picture with both of their hand prints as their campaign logo. They’re selling t-shirts for $20 and giving the proceeds to Shriners Hospital for Children.

“They helped me get through so much, we thought it would be so very helpful to them so that they can help other people and kids to become a miracle the way I did, said Emma.

The parents say both girls came up with the idea all by themselves.

“They have good souls, they really do,” said Melissa Shenefiel, Elliana’s mother.

“They’re definitely put here to do something special and amazing,” said Erica.

The girls are telling the whole world that it’s okay to be a little different.

“Different is beautiful and no matter what other people say you are always beautiful,” said Emma.

To purchase a t-shirt, head to the “Be the Difference” website.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Wheatfield students launch anti-bullying campaign

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