Insult added to injury for domestic violence survivor

Insult added to injury for domestic violence survivor

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) – Vikki Lee survived a brief, but violent domestic relationship, but when she and her partner were forced to leave the apartment they shared, it left Lee virtually homeless. So she had to move her belongings into an East Side storage facility, until she could find a permanent place to live.

Erie County’s Department of Social Services provided Lee with a stipend to move her belongings, and she settled on ABC Moving and Appliances on Genesee Street in the Schiller Park neighborhood, where her personal property takes up three small units.

But when Vikki found an apartment and opened up her storage units, she also found much of her property waterlogged, like her queen size mattress, “The movers picked it up and all this water just poured out of it, and it was a brand new $1,000 mattress.”

It turns out, the storage units are not weatherproof, “There are these, like, particle board doors, and with these locks. Then on the top of the units it is about a 4” hole that is not enclosed.”

Much of Lee’s belongings are still in storage because she had to move into a much smaller apartment, and cram as much as she could into the small space.

The manager of ABC Moving and Appliances has offered to replace Vikki’s mattress with a mattress and box spring from his store, and a couple hundred dollars to do her laundry.

Vikki said her loss amounts to so much more, “Some stuff is salvageable. It is very weird. I have big Husky black garbage bags which have shoes and knitting, and things like that in it, and fabric. Some of it–one bag will be fine and the next bag is completely moldy.”

Because domestic violence left Vikki Lee virtually homeless, Erie County paid to move her property, but a spokesman for the county said, the storage was Vikki’s call, and taxpayers don’t pay for that.

The spokesman went on to say, however, ABC Moving and Appliances should cover Lee’s damaged property through their insurance.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Insult added to injury for domestic violence survivor

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