Peacemakers describe ‘chaotic’ scene after Carl Street shooting

Peacemakers describe ‘chaotic’ scene after Carl Street shooting

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — Shots rang out Saturday afternoon on Carl Street after a fist fight spiraled into a gun fight, leaving 20-year-old Cornelius Caddele dead, and four others, including a teenage girl, injured.

“Tempers flared up to the point where someone had to run and get a gun,” said Pastor James Giles, of the Buffalo Peacemakers. “And when that happens, innocent victims get hurt. And this kind of action traumatizes the community.

The Peacemakers were on the scene within minutes of the shooting. The four other victims were hit with crossfire from two shotguns. Each sustained injuries that are not life threatening.

“That was a bit chaotic when we got on the scene,” Giles said.

The Peacemakers have two immediate responses in situations like Saturday’s: Settle emotions to prevent retaliation, and attend to the victims’ families.

“We are there to help them through this process, and that’s what the Peacemakers do,” Giles said. “To try and help them get through this very trying, real devastating moment, and try to help bring some understanding to what has just taken place.”

In the wake of such violence, they’re also there to encourage the community to take a very simple, but far too infrequent step: See something, say something.

“The minute that stuff starts happening, and people start saying something, you’re going to see shootings go down drastically because they know there are consequences,” he said.

Giles says that sense of personal responsibility will go a long way toward preventing future violence.

“It does not replace the loss of their loved one but it does give them a sense that justice was done,” he said. “And that’s a community responsibility. It’s not a law enforcement responsibility, that’s a community responsibility.”

Police continue to investigate. As of late Monday, there were no arrests.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Peacemakers describe ‘chaotic’ scene after Carl Street shooting

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