Cop shoots cop and dog in wild Falls altercation

Cop shoots cop and dog in wild Falls altercation

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – Two Niagara Falls police officers are recovering from injuries suffered during a wild altercation at a home on North Avenue, Monday morning. One officer was shot accidentally by the other who was fighting off a dog.

Police officials said the two officers, while on patrol, recognized a couple of stray dogs, and were attempting to return the dogs’ to their owner when a third dog, a pit bull terrier burst out the front door.

Chris Carter, who lives at the house but was not at home at the time, said the pit bull was just reacting to strangers trying to come in the house, “When they did that the dog that protects the house came out and did his job They don’t know the difference between the police, someone breaking in or nothing.”

Police investigators say when the third dog came charging out of the front door, it attacked one of the officers, who in the ensuing struggle, pulled out his service weapon and shot the dog several times, but in shooting the dog, a stray bullet apparently struck the other police officer in the leg.

The injured officer was taken to Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center for treatment, the officer with the gunshot wound was taken to Erie County Medical Center. Reports indicate the bullet wound does not appear to be life threatening.

Carter said the pit bull was just trying to protect the house, “They opened up that door and they got what they was looking for, and they could have killed my mom just shooting bullets through the house.” The shooting also seemed to leave several bullet holes in the side of the house.

As of early Tuesday evening, authorities said both injured officers had been treated and released. The Niagara County SPCA has seized the dead pit bull for testing, while the two strays, and three other dogs found at the house have been taken into custody.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Cop shoots cop and dog in wild Falls altercation

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