Buffalo mom’s homemade Christmas gift goes viral

Buffalo mom’s homemade Christmas gift goes viral

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB)- This Christmas, Mary Goodwin gave the priceless gift of Dorothy, Rose, Blanche, and Sophia to her ‘Golden Girls’ fan son, David.

“I was stalking Facebook like most parents do, and somebody had posted a picture of these four dolls, so I tagged Dave in it and said wouldn’t you love these and he said yes and I said I wish I could make them. And then I thought I wonder if I could.”

Goodwin, who learned how to crochet as a girl, bought a pattern and got to work, creating some of her son’s favorite ladies.

“I worked on them from the day after Thanksgiving until like Christmas Eve. And every single day for hours.”

David was exstatic when he saw the end result.

“I think that me and my mom are both Dorthys, maybe that’s why we related to the show so much together,” David told News 4.

It was his Twitter photo of the homemade craft that got Mary international attention.

“I was like I have to share this with my friends, but I never expected so many people to see it, but the reaction has been remarkable.”

The picture has been re-tweeted almost 10,000 times and ‘liked’ more than 65,000 times. 

David said he even received a request from Brady Bunch actor Maureen McCormick to see if Mary could crochet dolls for her; but this crochet queen is hanging up her crown.

“I keep saying this is a one and done,” Mary said.

And she’s going out on a high not; her goal this year was give all of her kids one special gift.

“The fact that she put so much time and effort into it is so thoughtful and amazing. I love the gift itself but I love how much love and stuff she put into it.”

Now, David just needs to decide where he’ll keep his ‘Golden Girls.’

“They’re in my bedroom right now. I haven’t really decided a good place to put them. I might put them on display in my living room just because when people come over they’re probably going to ask where are the dolls?”


Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Buffalo mom’s homemade Christmas gift goes viral

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