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Fire strikes Madrid home on last day of year (VIDEO)

Fire strikes Madrid home on last day of year (VIDEO)

MADRID — A Madrid family escaped a fire at their 29 Depot St. home this afternoon.The fire started around 2 p.m. according to Delbert Anson, the owner of the property. The Madrid Volunteer Fire Department responded to the call shortly thereafter. Mr. Anson said the house was occupied by his son, his son’s wife, Mr. Anson’s mother-in-law and four children.“They lost everything, my mother-in-law’s in her pajamas,” Mr. Anson said. He said he did not have insurance on the house, although his son might have renters insurance.According to Mr. Anson, his son said the fire started when the fire pot burned out of a wood burning stove. “It was a total loss, it was totally involved when we showed on the scene,” said First Assistant Chief Wyatt Boswell of Madrid Fire Department. “Fortunately everybody made it out before they even called, that’s the most important part.”Fire fighters had to contend not only with the fire, but with the weather too — it was so cold that snow on the sheet-metal roof remained un-melted even as flames came through the roof 10 feet away. The Madrid Highway department arrived around 4 p.m. to spread sand on the roadway made slippery by ice from the fire hoses. National Grid also arrived around 3:30 p.m. to cut power to the house after its power line began burning, according to Mr. Bosewell. Mr. Bosewell said fires started from wood burning stoves were not uncommon, particularly when the temperature dropped suddenly.“Total loss, it’s very hard for the family,” said Mr. Bosewell. “Terrible this time of year.”Fire departments from Madrid, Morley, Waddington and West Potsdam sent crews to fight the blaze in sub-zero weather. Depot Street is a dead end street off Route 14, and part of Route 14 was closed due to the fire.
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Fire strikes Madrid home on last day of year (VIDEO)

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