Last tenant at Shoreline Apartments evicted

Last tenant at Shoreline Apartments evicted

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) — The Shoreline Apartments in Buffalo are officially vacant. The last tenant was evicted Friday morning.

In early 2016, Norstar Development told 172 families they had to move out by the end of the year. The news came after years of assuring tenants that no one would be displaced. Developers told tenants multiple times demolition to the apartment buildings would be done in phases.

When Norstar Development changed their plans, tenant John Schmidt decided to protest and continue living in the apartment. Schmidt says the development company did not keep their promises.

In late 2017, Schmidt received a lease termination notice, but he said he wouldn’t leave until he received a proper notice to vacate. Schmidt told News 4 he never received said notice.

Now, almost two years later, Schmidt was evicted from Shoreline Apartments. He says he has no place to live and all of his belongings remain in his apartment of more than ten years.

“All they had to do was play fair, we would’ve all been out of there more than a year ago if they had bothered to tell the truth, if they had bothered to stick to their original agreement which was to do it in a three phase rebuild. They would rebuild one part, move tenants into the new section, demolish the vacated section and rebuild that,” said Schmidt.

Schmidt says he just wants to get his medication from his apartment. He’s currently looking for a new place to live, but told News 4 his protest was worth it.

Norstar Development has already redeveloped 48 units. The company will demolish the remaining 16 buildings and reconstruct more than a hundred units. Construction is expected to start this year and finish within 24 months.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Last tenant at Shoreline Apartments evicted

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