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Oswego County obtains state money for new airport terminal

Oswego County obtains state money for new airport terminal

The Oswego County Airport is receiving more than $1 million for updates at the Volney site.Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo announced Jan. 8 more than $20 million for 29 airport projects in the state through the Aviation Capital Grant Program. This state-funded program supports strategic investments at public-use airports across New York to ensure safety, modernize aviation-related facilities, leverage private investment and sustain and create well-paying aeronautical-related jobs. Oswego County will receive $1,080,000 for the airport’s terminal building construction. “We are going to replace the existing terminal building,” said Brandon Schwerdt, manager of the Oswego County Airport. “The current building is really just a converted tee hangar and it’s not very accessible to the public and it’s very unsafe for the public because they have to come across an active apron to get to it.”An apron is where aircraft move between loading and discharging passengers. A tee hangar is a place where private aircraft are normally kept.Schwerdt said the new terminal building will be about 3,000 square feet and “will be much greater and safer” for all passengers. He said this will be an area where corporate customers who fly in, with clients such as Exelon, Sunoco or other local companies, can sit and wait for their rides to wherever they are having their local meetings.The new terminal will be close to the airport restaurant, too, so clients waiting at the terminal could get a beverage or something to eat if they wish, Schwerdt said.Replacement of the terminal has been part of the Airport Layout Plan, which is a plan done every 10 years to list work that needs to be done at the site. The cost of the new terminal will be $1,188,000, which is the amount of the grant plus 10 percent to be paid by the county.Schwerdt said the Oswego County Legislature will have to approve accepting this grant and paying its 10 percent before the project can begin. He said those resolutions will come before the Legislature either this month or next month. “New York’s airports are the front door to the Empire State, and in order to build on our efforts to attract new businesses and visitors, we will invest in these regional gateways to provide the best and safest travel opportunities for everyone,” Cuomo said. “Modernizing our airports and transforming them into state-of-the-art transit hubs will keep New York competitive in today’s global economy, while providing an improved, more efficient means of travel for residents and visitors for decades to come.”In March 2017, Cuomo announced the availability of funding, which was included in the $21.1 billion five-year State Transportation Plan. Projects funded under this initiative include security checkpoint enhancements; acquisition of ground service and maintenance equipment; terminal modernization and expansion; and construction of airplane hangar facilities.Schwerdt said Oswego County applied for the grant about a year ago.
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Oswego County obtains state money for new airport terminal

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