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Town prepares for three open meetings on new comprehensive plan

Town prepares for three open meetings on new comprehensive plan

POTSDAM — The town is taking the next step in creating a comprehensive plan with a series of open meetings over the next three Wednesdays.The comprehensive plan is a way for the community to lay out its goals for development, justify zoning and help create policy. But at the moment, all the town has is a short community development plan from 2004.“(The comprehensive plan is) a vision document, but it is an important vision document,” said councilwoman Rosemaria Rivezzi. “It’s not a document that sits on the shelf.”The town held an initial meeting on Oct. 11 to brainstorm ideas on a range of topics, including housing and infrastructure. Councilwoman Judy R. Rich, the other member of the comprehensive plan committee, are scheduling meetings to take a closer look at the issues raised in the initial session.The first meeting will be on Jan. 17, and cover housing and quality of life; the second, on Jan. 24, will cover economic development and land use. The third meeting, on Jan. 31, will cover infrastructure. All meetings will be from 7 to 8:30 p.m. in the community room of the Town Hall.“It’s just an opportunity to reassess where we are as a town and what we want to do moving forward,” Ms. Rivezzi said. “The town board’s job will be to see how to implement these things.”That being said, Ms. Rivezzi hopes that residents who are interested will stay engaged with the comprehensive plan project as the board moves from gathering feedback to drafting the document itself.“There are a lot of people who wanted to come to all the meetings,” Ms. Rivezzi said. “It’s almost like an instant committee.”Two Clarkson faculty members, Erik C. Backus, director of the construction engineering management program and Alex French, sustainability coordinator, have worked closely with the town on the comprehensive plan project, especially with the town’s commitment to becoming a climate-smart community — something that will play a prominent role in the planThey will also continue to work on the comprehensive plan going forward.“I don’t think I would have taken (the plan) on as readily as readily if I didn’t have their support,” Ms. Rivezzi said.Those who cannot come to the meeting can give feedback through an email or phone call to Ms. Rivezzi or Mrs. Rich.“However they want to give input, we’ll take it,” Ms. Rivezzi said.So far, Ms. Rivezzi said she has about 13 people signed up for the first and last meeting, and about 20 for the second meeting. People who are interested in attending are encouraged to sign up ahead of time, so they can receive a package with background information relevant to the meeting, but do not need to.All the information will be available in hard copy at the meetings, and people are encouraged to bring laptops to access information electronically as well. To RSVP for the meeting or give feedback on the plan, email Ms. Rivezzi at
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Town prepares for three open meetings on new comprehensive plan

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