This year’s snowy winter shaping great ski season for Holiday Valley

This year’s snowy winter shaping great ski season for Holiday Valley

ELLICOTTVILLE, N.Y. (WIVB) — Local ski resorts say the heavy snow and bitter cold temperatures so far this year are a welcomed relief after last year’s unusual season. Employees at Holiday Valley ski resort say it’s been a great season thanks to Mother Nature.

“We had our first group at 7:30 this morning ready to go,” said Jake Swan, group sales coordinator at Holiday Valley.

It’s been a busy season at Holiday Valley, thanks to a snowy winter and record breaking cold temperatures. For many skiers, that’s the perfect weather grab to their skis and hit the slopes.

“It’s been good, it’s been a lot better this year,” Paige Randall, a young skier.

Jake Swan says this winter is a welcomed relief compared to last year.

“Last year was a little up and down. Temperatures were a little bit abnormally high, we had some rain which kind of throws a wrench in our plans to keep the snow in good condition all year,” said Swan.

“The challenge this year was the cold weather. Most skiers know how to dress properly for the cold but sometimes it’s just really cold,” said Jane Eshbaugh, Marketing director for Holiday Valley.

Jane Eshbaugh says she’s not complaining about the cold.

“We’ve been having a pretty good year, good consistent weather. Maybe a little bit chilly for some the last couple of weeks but the snow has been awesome!” said Eshbaugh.

She says with temperatures well into the 20s and below, it’s been cold enough for them to make their own snow often. She says skiers are enjoying about 4 feet of manmade snow on the slopes.

“Good quality snow. So, like last week and the last few weeks we’ve been able to make a lot of snow,” said Eshbaugh.

With this snowy winter, Eshbaugh says they’ve received a lot of help from mother nature.

“I think it’s around 105 inches total so far this year,” said Eshbaugh.

If the weather so far is any sign of what’s to come, most skiers say they’re ready.

“And a lot of winter to go so we’re excited,” said Swan.

Employees at Holiday valley say when it gets dangerously cold, they always warn people to dress appropriately and to take more breaks. They say if this snowy winter continues, they’ll most likely have the slopes open well into April.


Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
This year’s snowy winter shaping great ski season for Holiday Valley

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