Frontier School District reacts to outbreak of physical fights at high school

Frontier School District reacts to outbreak of physical fights at high school

HAMBURG, N.Y. (WIVB) – Parents in the Frontier School District are concerned about the dozens of fights that have happened at the high school since the start of the year.

Now district leaders are stepping in, to make sure this pattern of violence doesn’t continue.

The Superintendent of the school says they are seeing more fights at the high school in Hamburg this year, but thankfully no one has been seriously hurt.

But there were two physical fights in school hallways in just one week. It’s something upset parents have called into News 4 about.

Now it’s prompting the district to take action. There has been an outbreak of physical fights at school, most recently involving younger female students. 

Superintendent Dr. Richard Hughes said, “For the last few days, we’ve kind of kept things a lot tighter.”

Students haven’t been allowed to leave class without a “pass” or an escort. Dr. Hughes said, “It seems to be coming from interactions on social media that become tense.”

Dr. Hughes said the fights are happening outside of class, in hallways and cafeterias. But he says they all start on social media. Dr. Hughes said, “Because students don’t have the ability to see what their saying as having an effect in a face-to-face manner. So, there’s not that social interaction there, is an interaction through social media, then they see each other in school and it blows up.”

Now Dr. Hughes is asking students to step up and be a part of the solution. He said, “If a student who is seeing a fight about to occur, instead of saying, ”stop, don’t do it, they’re holding their phone up to take a video, they’re being a part of the problem.”

The district is undergoing a “school climate action plan” to teach students strategies to keep these fights from happening again. “If you see a problem, or you hear a problem, and you’re all on social media, so you know if somethings brewing, let an adult know.”

Part of that school climate action plan includes having grade level meetings and bully training workshops.

Dr. Hughes says the pass and escort policy should be ending by Thursday. The district is also asking parents to contact them directly if they’re seeing anything off at home or through their kids social media.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Frontier School District reacts to outbreak of physical fights at high school

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