NFWB: water issue on 77th Street in Niagara Falls “isolated”

NFWB: water issue on 77th Street in Niagara Falls “isolated”

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. (WIVB) – Niagara Falls Water Board officials spent Wednesday morning looking into reports of frozen pipes on 77th Street.

Tuesday, Susan Snow said she hasn’t had any water since January 6th. She told News 4 a contractor informed her she had frozen pipes, and would have to pay $9,000 to excavate ground from her home to the nearest intersection for the repair. Snow also said her neighbors were experiencing similar issues, and thought the water board should pay for the widespread problem.

But after speaking with customers on 77th Street, however, water board officials say the situation appears to be isolated.

“Today NFWB staff again visited the 400 block of 77th Street and checked on various surrounding properties for the presence of frozen service,” the officials said in a statement. “All checked properties were currently receiving water service, with several residents thanking the NFWB for sending staff to check on the situation. The frozen service issue appears to be an isolated problem with the specific occupants of the property in question (Tuesday).”

According to officials, if there is an issue with piping that runs from the home to the curb of the road, it is the homeowners responsibility to pay for the fix. If the pipes are damaged beyond the curb, it is the water board’s responsibility.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
NFWB: water issue on 77th Street in Niagara Falls “isolated”

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