Vape shop makes changes after police sting operation

Vape shop makes changes after police sting operation

TONAWANDA, N.Y. (WIVB) – One of the vape shops targeted by a police sting operation in the Town of Tonawanda last week is changing the way it identifies customers. According to a letter sent to customers and obtained by News 4, Yeti Vape will purchase new electronic age verification systems for all locations.

Yeti Vape was one of two vape shops in the Town of Tonawanda which had employees cited by police for allegedly selling vaping products to minors illegally. The second was Chain Vapors on Brighton Road.

On Wednesday, Lieutenant Thomas Haynes said officers set up the sting after receiving concerning calls from the community.

“We had enough to justify the operation,” Haynes said. “Had we not done something, it probably would have developed into a bigger issue. We know that it’s becoming more popular with kids.”

Haynes said this was the first time officers set up a sting targeting vape shops in the town.

“The employees are on the hook,” he said. “We issued appearance tickets for a violation of that. It’s covered under the public health law.”

On Wednesday, both Yeti Vape, on Sheridan Drive, and Chain Vapors had signs on their doors indicating minors weren’t allowed inside.

The letter to Yeti Vape customers, written by Joshua Pettit, the president of the business, noted that “proper methods of verifying the age of the customer” were not conducted during the sting operation.

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“Yeti Vape has invested in a new electronic age verification system for all of our stores,” the letter says. “We feel the responsibility to publicly acknowledge our mistake, and inform the public of the steps we are taking to correct this to prevent further reoccurring issues.”

The employees accusing of selling the products to minors are scheduled to be in Town of Tonawanda Court on March 6th.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Vape shop makes changes after police sting operation

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