Taxes could increase for some Cheektowaga homeowners

Taxes could increase for some Cheektowaga homeowners


CHEEKTOWAGA, N.Y.(WIVB) — A booming real estate market could lead to a spike in Cheektowaga homeowner’s property tax bills.

The improved market means property values are now being reassessed.

Town officials say businesses haven’t been reassessed since 2014. To maintain full market value, the town is considering reassessing commercial properties and residential homes in five Cheektowaga districts.

It’s unclear which neighborhoods will be impacted.

“Our housing market in Buffalo-Niagara area is going very well, we have some neighborhoods where the sales have been pretty well and the discussion is whether or not to increase in those neighborhoods. The 100 percent assessment makes it easier for some folks to understand their tax bills and exactly what they’re paying,” said town councilman Brian Nowak.

Although this means high property values for many, it also means people will be paying more in their property tax bills.

“The 15th just ended and I had to pay a lot of taxes and it sets you back a year or six months at a time. People are looking for money, they just keep coming to the average person,” said Joe, a Cheektowaga homeowner.

Nicole Croce, a Cheektowaga homeowner, says her home was just reassessed a few years ago.

“It went basically from $48,000 to $78,000 and then raised it again to $87,000. I told them, they want my house for that much, they can buy it because it won’t sell for that much,” said Croce.

Some Western New Yorkers say high taxes all over the state are pushing people out.

“If I ever buy again, decide to, I won’t live in Cheektowaga because they’re constantly raising rates. That’s another reason why people are leaving, it’s New York, it’s not just Cheektowaga,” said Brian Baird, Cheektowaga resident.

Councilman Nowak told News 4 the town board is still weighing their options whether to assess just commercial properties or to include residential homes.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Taxes could increase for some Cheektowaga homeowners

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