Defense wraps up closing arguments in Percoco trial

Defense wraps up closing arguments in Percoco trial

NEW YORK (NEWS10) – The defense has wrapped up closing arguments in the corruption trial of Joseph Percoco.

Percoco’s attorney made one last pitch to the jury that his client did nothing criminal.

Prosecutors have zeroed in on the word “ziti”, a term for money plucked from Percoco’s emails.

Demands for “ziti”, or demands for bribes, as prosecutors interpret it.

in the final hours of defense summations, Percoco’s Attorney Barry Bohrer says ziti means nothing more than money, and this is just banter between friends.

Friends who all are on trial for an alleged bribery and corruption scheme.

The defense yet again homes in on Todd Howe, trying to undermine the credibility of the government’s star witness.

Bohrer introduced Howe’s bag of treats, as he describes it, telling the jury he conjured up conversations with Percoco.

“In order to justify emails that he had altered to put words in Percoco’s mouth when he never said them.”

There were quite a few conversations and meetings between Mr. Percoco and Mr. Howe, so how do you expect the jury to keep your client’s motives and integrity separate from Howe’s unreliability as you put it?

“We think everything that Mr. Howe touched was colored by his lack of credibility. That was the point we hoped we got across to the jury.”

Percoco’s attorney attacked the prosecution’s theory that his client was “cash-strapped”

On Thursday, prosecutors have one last say, before the case goes to the jury.

Source: Buffalo New York’s Latest News
Defense wraps up closing arguments in Percoco trial

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