Trump says he ready to pursue gun laws unpopular with GOP

Trump says he ready to pursue gun laws unpopular with GOP

WASHINGTON — In a White House summit meeting on guns, President Donald Trump expressed willingness to buck the National Rifle Association on new gun laws that Republicans on Capitol Hill have opposed for years.

“We want to pass something great,” Trump said at the meeting of 17 senators and House members of both parties, called in the wake of the Feb. 15 mass-shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Fla., in which 17 died.

“To me, ‘something great’ has to be where you stop it from happening,” Trump said.
He went over a laundry list of proposals he supports, some with bipartisan support but others _ particularly universal background checks for virtually all gun purchases _ that have proven divisive.

And he pushed back against Republicans favoring an NRA-backed proposal for concealed-carry reciprocity, which would make it legal for traveling gun owners to abide by easy-gun laws of their home states, rather than the laws in states such as New York that are considerably tougher.
The concealed-carry bill is a non-starter with Democrats, something that Trump noted in the meeting.

“If you add concealed carry” to a background checks measure, “you’ll never get it passed,” Trump said. He was referring to the House packaging concealed carry with Fix NICS, which would beef up the existing FBI background-check system. The bill won House approval but died in the Senate where Democratic votes would be needed for passage.
Democrats expressed surprise and guarded optimism that Trump seemed so eager to embrace their proposals.

Source: Times Unition
Trump says he ready to pursue gun laws unpopular with GOP

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