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Local mermaid finds calling beneath the healing waves

Local mermaid finds calling beneath the healing waves

WATERTOWN — It’s not uncommon to hear someone wanting to make it big in show business, but when have you heard someone wanting to showcase their talent as a mermaid? For Brownville’s Aurora Lilliana Nyx McEwan, the dream is that simple. Better known in the community as Mermaid Lilliana, she explained the water has always been a safe place. Ms. McEwan grew up in Monroe, Wash., with a mother, father and brother who mentally and physically abused her. At just 8 years old, she began a string of multiple suicide attempts, and the only time she could escape her family was when she was swimming because they were all scared of the water.“I left home at 18 and never looked back,” Ms. McEwan said. “Since then, I’ve lived in a few cars, slept on a rock that was in the water in Hawaii for three months … but all of it was better than my childhood.”Now in her mid-20s, with her family removed from her life, she said becoming a full mermaid just made sense. While still living in Hawaii about two years ago, her friend told her about the mermaid tails you can actually swim in.“That was all I needed to hear,” Ms. McEwan said. “I always loved the idea of mermaids growing up, so it just kind of clicked in that moment. I had to get a tail of my own.”Her first tail was fairly cheap, made of a swimsuit-like material and lightweight, but she said it wasn’t very realistic. Her newest tail, bought last year, is about 40 pounds, made of silicone and worth $3,000. Although it was quite the investment, Ms. McEwan said it feels and helps her swim much better than her previous one.When not at work as a customer service representative at Convergy’s, she spends most of her free time at local swimming areas. The Watertown Municipal Arena swimming pool is the go-to place for her self-taught mermaid training, unless she is working with the tail. Ms. McEwan said mermaid tails aren’t allowed at a majority of swimming areas in the region because of the additional risk they could cause with a swimmer’s feet practically tied together. The Watertown YMCA is the only place she has had luck with having her tail while swimming, Ms. McEwan said. Her time at the Watertown Municipal Arena swimming pool is currently focused on how long she can hold her breath underwater, with a personal record of one minute and 47 seconds. Other than swimming pools and lakes, Ms. McEwan can be found mermaiding with the 1000 Islands Pirate Society. Just last month, the society hosted a “Swim with a Mermaid” event in Canada, where she said she swam up right next to their boat for guests to see, tail and all. The members of the society have been Ms. McEwan’s biggest supporters since she moved to Brownville, she said. She works with them as often as she can to continually improve her mermaid skills, as well as herself. Ultimately, Ms. McEwan said she would love to find an aquarium that would hire her to swim in the tanks with fish as part of the entertainment for visitors. She added while she will always have mermaiding in her heart, her alternative five-year-plan is to become a commercial and stunt pilot.Regardless of where she will end up, she is confident her quirkiness will stay with her.“I’m always up to something crazy and cool, that’s for sure,” she said.
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Local mermaid finds calling beneath the healing waves

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