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Potsdam Farmers Market fills park with color on overcast summer day

Potsdam Farmers Market fills park with color on overcast summer day

POTSDAM — Saturday’s mostly overcast sky seemed to amplify the vibrant colors on display at the Potsdam Farmers Market.“This year has been great,” said the market’s manager, Jennifer McAvoy. “The weather has been great. This is a happy place to come on Saturdays in Potsdam.”Ms. McAvoy has been managing the Potsdam outdoor market, located at the edge of Ives Park and overlooking the nearby Raquette River, for the past three years.It’s mid-August, and with north country vegetable farms now hitting their peak, the Potsdam market on Saturday resembled a work of art, awash in the red glow of vine-ripened tomatoes, the brilliant yellows of delicate-skinned summer squash, and the cool, inviting green emanating from rows of leafy summer salad crops.Kathy Fuller, who owns Fuller Farms in Canton, said she is able extend the season on some varieties of lettuce and Swiss chard by using a special greenhouse. She said the leafy greens and herbs are also steady sellers.“People like the greens,” she said. “And we sell a lot of summer squash, zucchini and pattypans, yellow summer squash.”Ms. Fuller said she has been attending the Potsdam Farmers Market for about 15 years. She said the location is good and the customer base steady. On Saturday, she arrived with about two bushels of produce.“I’ll sell most of it,” she said. “I’ll probably leave here with less than a five-gallon pale when I go.”Liz Pienkos, originally from Hartford, Conn., said she recently moved to Potsdam and was excited to find the farmers market on Saturdays. She said this is the second week she has visited. Fresh vegetables purchased on her most recent visit included sweet corn, cucumbers, homemade jam and locally produced honey.“I love it,” she said. “Everything I’ve had so far has been delicious. I plan to keep coming back.”As manager of the local farm market, Ms. McAvoy said she never tires of people raving about the freshness and the quality of goods sold at the small outdoor venue. She said over the years the market has become more than just a place to buy quality local produce; it has developed into a social gathering spot of sorts.“I have my regular customers that come back week after week. The food is great and tastes so much better than what you can buy in the store this time of year,” Ms. McAvoy said. “And also, I grew up on a farm, so these are my people. Sometimes it seems like one great big family.”The gist of itn WHAT: Potsdam Farmers Market.n WHERE: Near the Clarkson Inn parking lot at Ives Park.n SEASON: Each Saturday through the end of October.n PRODUCE: From garden crops to wine to syrup to homemade goods.
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Potsdam Farmers Market fills park with color on overcast summer day

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