Alice A. Allen

Alice A. Allen

NORWOOD– ALICE A. ALLEN (VALYO, DOLECKI) — I was born in Canton, NY on December 6, 1922. My Mom and Pop were: Mina Allen (Fisk) and Rufus Allen. Mina had 17 children, (God Bless her soul). She probably still holds the record for having (5) sets of twins. I grew up dirt-poor. After the Pyrites, N.Y. Plant closed, dad lost his job and I could not wait to leave the farm life. I was the only one of my siblings who graduated from high-school, and I have always been proud of that. Maybe that is why I pushed my four children to better themselves. I am so very proud of my children who had continued their education and held good jobs. Look at my grandchildren — Gosh, they are all highly educated. James has always said, “Mom, you broke all the chains, including ignorance and you were a women’s right advocate before the term was even popular.. (maybe I did do something well).

While attending high school I worked as a nanny, so I could live away from the farm. I was able to achieve a letter in archery from Massena High School, while keeping up with school and work. After High school I worked in the Ogdensburg, N.Y. Hospital for the mentally ill. (I would not recommend that job to anyone). I went to NYC and there I met my future husband, Michael Bernard Valyo. He was charming, quiet and had fancy cars. Michael and I had four wonderful children. Shortly after the youngest was born, I moved back up state to be near my sisters; Bertha, Frances, Regina, and my parents, who now lived in Louisville, N.Y.. In 1956 Michael bought us a home at 85 North Main St. Norwood, NY. We all loved that home and I still do. I worked at the old “Sunset Lodge.” (now – “The Lobster House”) as a waitress. Financially life got better when I started working at the post office.

In 1962, I moved to Vermont with 3 of my children while Michael lived with his father in Rochester, NY. In one year I was able to obtain a nursing degree at Fannie School of Nursing and a divorce. (back then you had to live out of state for a year to get a divorce). We then moved to Massena, NY.

While visiting my daughter Alice, in Long Island, NY, I met John Dolecki. John, a big strapping fellow who worked for the Post Office and was a WWII, Marine Veteran and hero. He worked and lived with shrapnel in his legs and never complained. After John and I married, we moved around NY state until we finally settled in Florida. I had a great life with John until he passed away. I stayed in Florida for a few years. After the hurricane hit, James painted my home (perky peach). I moved to North Carolina about six years ago and stayed my son Michael for a year. It was wonderful, but I needed some female company. So, I moved in with my son Jeffery and his wife Maggie. They lived in the same town as Michael, so I was able to continue seeing him. Jeff is amazing, he has MS and confined to a wheel chair and still mows the lawn and works hard at what he can do. My daughter, Alice wanted me to live in Las Vegas with her and hubby Jim, but I wanted to be closer to my grandchildren and it was just too far away. I have always appreciated offers from Alice, James and his wife Linda (too cold in NH). I thank god, Maggie was taking care of me especially the last couple of years as my health went down quickly. She was working full time and still found the time to pick up Jeff and me for doctor’s appointments. The only advice I would give to my great-grandchildren would be: education is the most important thing you can acquire and it does not stop with a formal degree. Keep learning all your life.

I am survived by my children Michael, Valyo, James and Linda Valyo, Alice Vandermeer, Jeffery and Maggie Valyo. My grandchildren: Michael, John, Kristen, Marc, Shane, Woody, Melissa and Andrew. My great -grandchildren: Ryland, Taylor, Faith, Luke, Noah, Blake, Zach, Marrion and Allison. I am very grateful for a full and happy life and I especially loved my children. Please take a moment to visit our family park bench at the Norwood Fountain. God Bless you all, please be good to one another. A Funeral Mass will be held at St Andrew’s Catholic Church in Norwood on Friday October 5, 2018 at 11 am, with interment to follow in the Calvary Cemetery in Norwood. Memories and condolences may be shared online at . The Buck Funeral Home in Norwood is serving my family.

Source: Watertown Daily Times Obituaries
Alice A. Allen

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