‘Hidden Mischief’ display exposes parents to new drug trends

‘Hidden Mischief’ display exposes parents to new drug trends

BINGHAMTON (WBNG) – The Rumble Ponies teamed up with local drug prevention organizations for a new initiative that tackles teenage drug and alcohol abuse during Wednesday’s game as part of We Care Wednesday.

“Addiction is a disease of adolescence and many times it starts in teenage years with alcohol and marijuana,” said Maria Fabrizi, the coordinator for Broome Opioid Awareness Council Drugs-Free Communities.

The interactive initiative is called ‘Hidden Mischief’ and it was displayed by BOAC and the Family and Children’s Society, which partners with the Cortland Prevention Resources.

It’s goal is to expose adults to the newest trends teenagers are using to hide dangerous drugs, alcohol and nicotine right under their parents noses.

“Drug trends happen really quickly. Like they change super fast so this is just a way for us to inform adults and parents of what could possibly be happening in their kids bedrooms,” said Fabrizi.

Organizer say more than 60 items that imply drug or alcohol experimentation are hidden within the display for participants to find within five minutes.

“They can manipulate the room however going through the book bag, going through the desk but there’s ones that are more hidden or just items in general that you can’t really notice what they are,” said Amanda Tolentino, a family engagement coordinator with Family and Children’s Society.

After the search, organizers educate the participants of hidden items signs may have missed.

With a big audience expected to try out the display at the game, organizers hope they can start more conversations and ultimately even save lives.

“The Rumble Ponies have such a wide reach, they have a wonderful fan base. They are so immersed in the community and really prevention efforts happen best with a lot of community collaboration,” saiid Fabrizi.

“A little bit at time and just raising more awareness of this really is just the first step in the direction of bringing awareness and cutting down use in general,” said Tolentino.

Organizers say this is the first year they’ve begun using the display in Broome County.

Even though the display was only at NYSEG on Wednesday, organizers are hoping to use this display to spread awareness throughout the county.

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‘Hidden Mischief’ display exposes parents to new drug trends

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